Ignaz Niedrist

The Niedrist winery is located in the Ronco area in Cornaiano in Südtirol. The winery has been part of the Niedrist family for over a century, it was Josef Niedrist who started the business and took care of the production and sale of wine.

Südtirol has always been disputed between two nations, Italy and Austria, today it is part of Italy but in any case, the people who live in this fascinating region have been able to preserve the different cultures that have influenced and characterized the region. As a final result, from the fusion of Austrian to Italian culture, we can recognize it in the type of cuisine as well as in the wine culture and style.

The Niedrist family, after a family mourning and the two world wars that devastated the territory, were forced to temporarily stop the production of wine. It was later, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, that Ignaz and Elisabeth decided to resume the wine business started by Ignaz's grandfather.

After the marriage between Ignaz and Elisabeth, the company size increased, introducing more vineyards and other types of grapes, for example, the Lagrein vineyard, one of the most typical red grape varieties of the area. The couple's goal, in addition to resuming the production of wine, was to produce wines of the highest quality by focusing on the different varieties present in the company and the different vineyards owned.

Today the family does an impeccable job and produces wines among the best in the region, a great satisfaction after the hard work done to restart the company after the deadlock. Ignaz and Elisabeth focused on the quality that saw them having to do an impeccable job in the vineyard through basic yields per plant and choice of grape variety according to the vocation of the vineyard, thus trying to create the best possible combination.

The Niedrists cultivate mainly from three historical territories: Gries (Bolzano), Appiano Monte, Ronco a Cornaiano.

-        Gries is a place where the soils are of an alluvial matrix with sand and stone for this reason they cultivate the Lagrein variety.

-        Appiano Monte has argillite and calcareous soils with the presence of iron, here the cultivated varieties are the Pinot (white, gray, and black), Sauvignon blanc, and Chardonnay

-        Ronco a Cornaiano the soils are morainic of glacial origin and here we find Pinot Noir, Schiava, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Syrah.

In the cellar, they have a little interventionist approach because they want to let the grape variety express the best for each wine they produce.

Moreover, the Niedrist family is attentive to sustainable viticulture and biodiversity as they believe it is the right method to preserve the environment and allow future generations to continue the family business.