Giovanni Aiello

Giovanni Aiello is a young winemaker and founder of its own winery in Puglia, his homeland.

Giovanni defines himself as an "Enologo per Amore" and the wines he produces are able to clearly convey his passion and love for the territory from which they come. Giovanni is a young artisan winemaker who, after his studies and some experiences in Italian wineries, decided to travel to other countries to enrich his oenological knowledge. 

Once back in Puglia he decided to found his company and put into practice everything he had learned, thus using more traditional and modern techniques, seeking a balance between them.

The company is located in the Gioia del Colle area and most of the wines produced fall under the homonymous appellation. Giovanni only cultivates local Apulian varieties such as Primitivo for red wines and Verdeca for white wines. Moreover, some of the vineyards are over a hundred years old and are cultivated according to the traditional bush vine training. 

The vineyards are located 300 m above sea level between the territories of Castellana, Putignano and Fasano. The difference in height favours temperatures shifts between day and night, moreover the fresh wind of the Murgia creates an exceptional microclimate which is important for the aromatic character and the maturation of the native varieties used. To complete the fantastic territory of the Murgia are the calcareous soils that have a significant imprint in the wines.