Tre Monti

 At the beginning of the 70s, Thea and Sergio Navecchia started a project that changed their lives and future generations by founding the Tre Monti winery.

The Navecchia family, at the time the winery was founded, was considered revolutionary as they began to introduce different varieties from the local ones. They decided also to higher up the planting density in the vineyard.

At the time the winery was founded the family had the only goal to produce the highest quality wine they could.

So the Navecchia's decided to hire some of the best enologists, such as Francesco Spagnolli, Vittorio Fiore, and Donato Lanati, to help with the work in the winery. The family created a team that could pursue the business purpose and besides, they began some experiments, as they decided not to work only with local varieties but to introduce some different grapes from France.

In 1989, unfortunately, Sergio, father of David and Vittorio, passed away. From that moment the children decided to continue the splendid work started by their father. Today they keep running the company with the same passion and enthusiasm as 30 years ago when their journey started.

The company vineyards are spread over two different areas, in the hills of Imola and Forlì. Since 2014 the winery has obtained organic certification for all its wines.

Over the years, Tre Monti wines have proved to be excellent in their quality level, managing to achieve the company purpose and maintain it over time. Recalling the international wine critics' curiosity and becoming a reference point for the Emilia-Romagna wines.