Leonardo Bussoletti

Leonardo Bussoletti is the owner and oenologist of a fascinating winery in Umbria in the beautiful city of Narni.

Leonardo, after many years working as a wine merchant, realized one of his dreams in 2009 by buying the family vineyards and starting to produce wine. The company was founded in the artistic town of Narni with a project focused on traditional varieties such as Trebbiano Spoletino and Grechetto, but above all on the Ciliegiolo grape.

In 2009 Leonardo began collaborating with the University of Milan to identify the clones of Ciliegiolo present in his vineyards and thus deepen the knowledge on the variety.

Ciliegiolo is thought to have been introduced in Italy in about 1870, by some pilgrims returning from Santiago de Compostela. Several studies have found that the variety is related to the Sangiovese grape and has traditionally been used as a blend of Chianti wine.

Over time, the Bussoletti winery has managed to conquer the world markets with delicious and high-quality wines, and above all, it has managed to make the Ciliegiolo variety that characterizes the city of Narni known to an international audience.

Moreover, Leonardo founded the consortium of Ciliegiolo di Narni with the desire to unite different producers under a single organization, thus contributing altogether to the rebirth of the Ciliegiolo variety.

Leonardo's wines are produced with the use of spontaneous fermentation and unfiltered, both white and red wines have excellent enological precision and a great personality.