The Rovellotti winery is located in Piedmont in the Ghemme wine area and is considered one of the best wineries in Upper Piedmont.

The winery was officially founded by the Rovellotti family in 1972 but their story began more than 600 years ago. The winery is located in the ancient Ricetto di Ghemme, an old medieval town that was once a wine center, responsible for the supply of wine for the Corte degli Sforza, an aristocratic family in Italy.

Over the years, the Rovellotti winery has proven to be a solid company always offering wines of the highest quality on the market. Today they cultivate 25 ha and during the years one of the challenges for Rovellotti was to work inside the Ghemme recetto wall. In particular, it was difficult to manage the spaces during the wine production phases since the company is located within the ancient walls of the recetto.

The Rovellotti family, however, managed to find a solution without having to move the production center of the company, giving life to a project to re-evaluate the spaces of the Ghemme recetto to maximize their use. As a result, the company was resized and reorganized within the ancient walls of the Ghemme recetto. Furthermore, a curious detail is that during the restructuring the cellar decided to reuse the materials coming from the same walls with this idea the Rovellotti family made their desire to represent the traditions of Ghemme even more evident.

The countless number of hours spent in the vineyards and in the cellar has made the Rovellotti family one of the most respected wineries in Upper Piedmont and a point of reference for consumers and new generations of winemakers.

The wines produced by the company reflect the winemaking traditions of Upper Piedmont, most of the wines are based on the Spanna grape (local name for the Nebbiolo variety) with the addition of Vespolina and Uva Rara grapes (also called Bonarda Novarese ), or the classic blend for wines under the appellation Ghemme DOCG. The wines of Ghemme are characterized by a great personality, capable of attracting the worldwide attention of numerous wine lovers and critics, for the characteristics of the territory from which they come.