The Muzic winery has existed since 1927, founded in San Floriano del Collio in Friuli Venezia-Giulia.

The winery was born immediately after the First World War despite the Collio being one of the many devastated areas. The local agriculture was very affected but the great-grandparents of the current generation made it a strong point of the serious situation surrounding it and the Muzic brought their experience in the wine field and helped to reconstruct the splendor of the Collio wines.

The commercial activity was born in a modest context, a house with a small wine cellar where the buildings were heavily damaged by the war but slowly they were renovated. They acquired a few vineyards and did a great job of arranging them and making them ready to produce grapes suitable for making wine. In the 1930s, the varieties Friulano (ex Tocai) and Malvasia were introduced in the vineyards and are now considered among the most famous of Collio, part of these vineyards are used today.

Unfortunately for mankind, another horrible war was on the way, World War II. Once again the Collio area was strongly affected, like the winery itself. After the end of the war, in 1963 the grandparents Luigi and Jolanda bought the old house in which the family already lived previously, with the adjoining vineyards.

From that moment on the family continued to produce wine with passion and tenacity, certainly a virtue that has distinguished them since 1927.

The company is now followed by Ivan Muzic, son of Luigi and Jolanda, from whom it has inherited not only a beautiful cellar but also a great passion for nature and vineyards. Nowadays, Ivan is involved in his family, his wife Orieta, and their two children.

The company today has a size of 21 hectares and has great respect for local traditions, perceptible through the wines they produce. The vineyards are cultivated with the most traditional varieties of the area, over the years they have also managed to preserve the old vineyards of the great-grandparents who today have reached more than 80 years of age.