Marco De Bartoli

Vecchio Samperi Vino Perpetuo (Solera System) - Non-Vintage

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Marco de Bartoli inherited the Baglio (a feudal building, a center of agriculture and viticulture, which united families and small communities of land workers) from his grandmother, descendent of another big family of Marsala wines producers, and it is the place where he decided to start his wine revolution in the 1980s. At that time, Marsala wine was in big decline: it was a commercial product made by fortification of the base wine with cooked mistella (cooked must add as a sweetening and concentration agent and grape brandy). Its use was culinary and even the best expressions could never reach high-quality levels since producers were focusing more on bulk production. Something that Marco De Bartoli couldn’t accept. He decided to focus on native single-varietal wines starting the production in his winery. As a passionate man, the main purpose was to put Marsala and his wines on the map of Sicily and the world, “Time is the key ingredient to making Marsala” he says. Today the winery is still a family-owned estate. The children of Marco keep the father’s dream alive, promoting organic viticulture and natural vilification.