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Metodo Classico Vitigno Innominabile Dosaggio Zero - NV

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Valdernico Dolce is a passito wine (produced with overripen dried grapes) made with a Vitigno Innominabile grapes also known as Erbaluce. Even today, the origin of this native Piedmontese grape variety is not quite clear, yet its semi-aromatic character reminds of a Mediterranean origin. The name derives from the bright color of its berries: apparently it used to be known during Roman times as “Alba Lux”, meaning dawn light. The Innominabile is a grape variety of many qualities: thanks to its strong acidity and the sweetness of the berries, it allows for the production of many different kinds of wines, from spumanti (sparkling wines) to passiti (raisin wines). The latter benefit from both the acidic component of the grape and its sugar content; for this reason, they are able to resist the attack of molds and pests.

Rovellotti winery is a family business for more than 600 years located in Ghemme in the Piemonte region. The effort of the winery during the years permitted to be nowadays one of the greatest wine producers of Ghemme and an inspiration for the younger generation. The Rovellotti family has always respected the tradition of the area and throughout the years has become a benchmark producer for the wines produced in the appellation. The winery works with the traditional grapes of the area, such as Nebbiolo (locally called Spanna) and other minor grapes. The wines from Ghemme have a distinct character to the rest of the region thanks to the special clay-based, acidic, and rich in minerals soil.


Bright yellow color with green hues. Fine structure with very stable elegant bubbles. Shows aromas of dried fruit, herbs, and apple with a dry, round and persistent palate.
Metodo Classico production method.