Meet the team

As sommeliers working in the hospitality business for many years, our passion is to give people the best experience and service and at the same time share our knowledge about wine. Therefore the idea of having a wine import had been growing for a while between the three of us. That’s why we teamed up and created ViaVino.

Our mission is to provide guidance about Italian wine and give people the possibility to taste more unique and rare wines. The wines we select are from family wineries that produce high-quality wine with traditional Italian varieties.

We hope you will follow us on our journey.

Andrea Sala, Wine Director and Sommelier

Andrea was born in Milano in 1995 and is now living in Copenhagen with his fiancé Sofie.

Andrea got introduced to the hospitality world by his grandfather Piero and his dad. After completing hospitality school in 2014 he started pursuing his passion for wine, attended both Italian and International Sommelier schools, also competing in Sommelier competitions. Besides holding DSF, ASPI, and ASI Sommelier certifications, Andrea is an Advanced Sommelier in the Court of Master Sommeliers and studying for his Master Sommelier Exam. Andrea has extensive knowledge of Italian wines and the people in the wine industry.

Besides Viavino, Andrea is an Assistant Head Sommelier at the 3 Michelin starred restaurant Geranium in Copenhagen.

- Like me, my love for this world keeps growing and it will never stop -

Mattia Spedicato, Sales Director and Sommelier

Mattia was born in Lecce in 1990 and moved to Copenhagen in 2015 where he lives with his wife Line.

Mattia’s Grandfather had a winery where Mattia spent his childhood and got into the hospitality industry in 2013 when he moved to Scotland. He worked his way through the ranks and at the same time gaining more and more passion for studying wine. After he moved to Copenhagen to work at the 3 Michelin starred restaurant Geranium where he quickly earned his WSET and Court of Master Sommelier Certification.

Today Mattia is the Deputy Restaurant Manager at Geranium and in his spare time he is in charge of sales in ViaVino. Mattia is very outgoing and considers himself to be a people person.

When presenting Italian wines Mattia always says:

- This wine is from the greatest Country in the World -

Søren Ørbek Ledet

Søren was born in Denmark in 1974. He lives with his wife and two children in Frederiksberg.

Søren started his career in 1995 as a chef and has worked in some of the best restaurants in Denmark. Søren started Geranium with his friend Rasmus in 2007 and in 2016 Geranium earned its third star in the Michelin Guide. Besides being the Co-owner, Søren is also the General Manager and Wine Director at Geranium. Søren Has been studying wine for many years, he is an Advanced Sommelier in the Court of Master sommeliers and a MS Candidate.

Søren has a soft spot for Italian wines, but he doesn’t really have any favorite wines:

- Most important thing besides the quality of the wine, is the moment and with whom you share it. That's the magic of drinking wine -

Michael Rendebæk Sørensen

Michael was born in Denmark in 1988. He lives in Horsens with his fiancé Cecilie and their daughter.

Michael has so far built his career in retail with some of the biggest players in their respective industries while studying for a higher diploma degree in business administration, which he earned in 2019. He is not sure where his interest in wine derives from, but he is always eager to learn more about the world of wine, and recently signed up for his WSET certification.

When he is not taking care of the finances of Via Vino, Michael is the Head of Analytics in Davidsens Tømmerhandel.

- It blows my mind how a wine changes according to your level of experience -