Podere Grecale

The Podere Grecale winery is located in Liguria, on the coast called "Riviera dei Fiori", in the far west of Liguria that stretches from Imperia to the French border.

The Ligurian landscape is unique and very fascinating, the territory is mostly composed of mountains and hills that form the scenery to the beautiful Ligurian coasts. The region has a varied Mediterranean climate due to the morphology of its mostly mountainous territory open to the warm sea from the coastline. These factors make it an ideal place for agriculture such as viticulture.

Viticulture has always been part of the everyday life of Ligurian families. After many years away from home, the Roncone family decided to return to Liguria and rediscover their origins. Lino had the desire to produce and taste the Vermentino di Bussana, a wine that marked his memories, and after the return to their city of origin he began to work in the vineyard.

In 2005 Lino and his family planted the first vineyard and started their project; after the first experiments, convinced by the quality of the wines, they officially founded Podere Grecale in 2007. Once the winery was established Lino and his family's goal was to produce wines that could reflect the winemaking traditions of the territory using local varieties.

The vineyards of the winery are planted in different locations of the area called Riviera di Ponente and they are all terraced, characteristic dry stone walls, which characterize the Ligurian landscape and viticulture. The company's first vineyard was planted with the Vermentino grape in the area called “Madonna della Guardia” and the rest of the vineyards are located in Lone, Beusi, and Bussana. In all the vineyards only local varieties are cultivated such as Pigato, Granaccia, and Moscatello di Taggia.