Nardello is a family-run winery located in the Soave wine production area in Veneto.

The Nardello family has been rooted for many centuries in the Soave area, more precisely in Monforte d'Alpone. The first traces regarding the Nardellos that have been founded among historical documents dated back to the mid-16th century, where there is registered a notarial deed of purchase of a house in Via 4 Novembre.

The historic house of the Nardellos is still part of the family and today is used as the company headquarters, followed by a renovation in 2009.

Continuing to investigate the history of the Nardellos in old documents you can find papers that refer to the possession of land for agricultural use of sowing and viticulture. In particular, they owned two lands in the Rubian Zoppega and Novella districts.

The Nardellos began with the winemaking practices on their land, in the historic and traditional Soave area, specializing in viticulture and making it the main profession of the family. The hard work and passion of the Nardello family have allowed the preservation and care of old family vineyards and today the new generations can work with vines that are more than 50 years old.

The passion for wine and the vineyard started from Gaetano Maria then passed on to Domenico, so they created the cellar to produce wine.

The cellar had been created in the manor house using various winemaking equipment including wooden barrels, later the following generations replaced the old obsolete equipment continuing the wine production activity. In the mid-70s, when Gaetano was in charge of the company, he decided to continue the business by giving only the grapes to private bottlers.

Today, Daniele and Federica, following family traditions, have continued the business and resumed the marketing of the wines produced by the company. Daniele has a degree in Viticulture and Oenology and takes care of the vineyard and the cellar while Federica of the administrative department is a graduate in Economics.

The Nardello winery operates in the Soave area one of the most important areas of Italian and world viticulture. The vineyards are located in the Classic area of ​​Soave, between Monforte d'Alpone and Soave, which is the most suitable and prestigious area.

Soave wines are mainly composed of Garganega grapes. This local variety in combination with the microclimate and volcanic soils produces territorial wines with a wide personality.