MIchele Laluce

Michele Laluce is a winemaker from Basilicata and works in the Vulture area.

Michele in 2001 decided with great passion to take over his father's old vineyards and the farm dating back to 1905 and to be a winemaker. Today the winery is carried out with great tenacity by Michele himself and the rest of his family.

The farm is located between Barile, Ginestra, and Venosa, in the heart of the Vulture, a sleeping volcano that characterizes the area. The vineyards are over 6 hectares and are planted almost exclusively with the Aglianico variety, a local grape, producing mostly red wines enclosed in the Aglianico del Vulture appellation. Michele has a very respectful approach to nature and traditions, preserving local vines and winemaking techniques.

Agriculture in the Vulture is helped by a favorable climate and is strongly characterized by the presence of the old volcano which has influenced and enriched the soils with lava elements. The vineyards are generally planted at the foot of the volcano in the different districts, between 200 and 500 meters, so the vines grow on soils rich in mineral substances of volcanic origin and the roots go even deeper to find all the nutrients they need.

Michele's hard work in the vineyard makes it possible to have excellent healthy grapes that will be able to produce wines of great personality and long aging potential. The philosophy in the vineyard as in the cellar is aware of the winemaking traditions, fermenting in stainless steel with long macerations and the aging in large wooden barrels. This simple formula gives a clear example of the Aglianico grape in the Vulture area throughout the different vintages.

The winery has three labels dedicated to the Aglianico variety: S'Adatt, Zimberno, and Le Drude.