Ca' di Frara

Cà di Frara is a family winery located in Lombardia in the Oltrepò Pavese area. The winery's name refers to the village of Mornico Losana commune in which it is located, “Casa Ferrari” which in the local dialect is known as Cà di Frara.

The Bellani are the owner and have been established in the municipality of Mornico Losana since the early 1900s with Giovanni Bellani when he decided to buy some vineyards plots for growing grapes. Another commune where the winery owns vineyards is Oliva Gessi, very special for its chalky soils.

In Oltrepò Pavese the wine traditions are deeply rooted with red wines based on Croatina, but over time this area has proven to produce other great wines from different grapes. One of the great successes of Oltrepò Pavese is the sparkling wine produced with the traditional method from Pinot Noir grapes.

The Cà di Frara winery, thanks to Tullio Bellani, understood from the beginning the importance of matching the right grape variety to the right soil and exposure. Generally in the area of Mornico Losana are planted traditional red grape varieties and pinot noir to produce red wines. While in Oliva Gessi due to the chalky and calcareous soils are mainly planted white grape varieties and also a little pinot noir but this time dedicated to the production of sparkling wines.

Today the winery is led by Luca Bellani who is also the winery oenologist together with other family members including his mother Daniela who has dedicated the entire life together with her husband Tullio to this fantastic winery.

The great tenacity and dedication of the family have paid off over time and today the company is highly recognized for the quality of the wines produced and the ability to produce wines that reflect the traditions and terroir from where they come. Particular attention should be paid to their sparkling wines which express elegance, finesse, and quality.