Cantina Berritta

Cantina Berritta is a family-run Sardinian winery. Antonio, more than ten years ago took up the baton from previous generations and now he has passed it on to his children, involving them in the company's wine activities. The family works and lives in Sardinia in the city of Dorgali. The farm in addition to wine production is dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees, having about 3 hectares of land as an olive grove.

The family vineyards are located in the Dorgali area not far from the coast and the sea, enclosed in the Oddoene valley. This valley has a positive influence on this area, thanks to a perfect microclimate for viticulture, which leads to the production of grapes of the highest quality and consequently excellent quality wines. The territory also offers soil rich in granite and limestone deriving from the limestone mountains that form the valley.

Some of the vineyards are part of the "Classico" area for the Cannonau di Sardegna appellation, an area that covers the territory around Nuoro.

The wines produced by the Cantina Berritta are genuine and follow Sardinian traditions. In the vineyard and the cellar the organic regime is followed in respect of the environment, a natural choice also due to the beauty of the territory in which they are located, almost uncontaminated.

The Cannonau variety is the most cultivated grape, however, in the vineyard, there is a small space left for Syrah for red wines while white wines are produced from a rare and unique variety, the Panzale.

The Panzale variety was introduced to the winery by Antonio, as he was very interested in this grape. The grape is typical of the Dorgali area, which is why Antonio immediately felt very attached to the variety. Panzale is a grape historically considered as a table grape but Antonio wanted to show that he was able to produce very interesting wines from this variety. To date, we can say that he has succeeded in his intent and helped not to extinguish an indigenous variety of Dorgali.

The company focus however remains on Cannonau, Cantina Berritta produces several labels based only on Cannonau grape. Some versions are vinified only in steel, others are aged in large-capacity wooden barrels, respecting the aromatic profile of the grape.

Cantina Berritta represented the tradition of the territory excellently through the various wines produced.